Incalpaca achieve Level 2 in the Peru Carbon Footprint Program

Incalpaca achieve Level 2 in the Peru Carbon Footprint Program

One of the pillars of our sustainability policy is care for the environment. In that sense, it is crucial to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With that goal in mind, in 2019 we joined the “Carbon Footprint Peru Program”, a MINAM tool that allows organizations to calculate their carbon footprint based on the international standard ISO 14064-1.

Our commitment is to calculate our GHG emissions year after year and reduce our carbon footprint to be more sustainable and contribute to global efforts to reduce GHG emissions. That is why, in July 2022, we received recognition from MINAN for reaching Level 2 of the program, after AENOR, an authorized auditing company for carbon footprint verification, verified our 2021 GHG emissions under the international standard UNE-ISO 14064-3:2006.

The next step is to reduce our carbon footprint, for which we are implementing improvements in our production, commercial and social responsibility processes.

The path to GHG reduction involves the intelligent use of water and renewable energies, taking advantage of digital technologies and neutralizing our impact through tree planting.

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