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Stock Service

In a world where responsible consumption and efficiently is increasing, we have created our Stock Service collection. This colletion is made for small business, startups, designers, and others who need to work with smaller volumes and shorter lead times.

Our Products

The merging of global trends research and our expertise working with noble fibers have brought about our collection, aimed at exceeding the expectations of the most demanding costumers.


We are the most specialized and sophisticated factory in the world in the production and finishing of alpaca and vicuna fabrics. We develop textile concepts in a range of different techniques: taffeta, dobby and jacquard. Using a variety of finishing processes: carding, patching, felting, zibellinado, spazzolino, draped, velour, double sided, and more.
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From the artisanal and traditional to the production of smart garments. We have managed to apply innovative and complex techniques to our knitted lines, in gauges from 3 to 18. Mesh fabrics, jacquards, intarsias, braids, structured fabrics, and more. The clothing is woven with the finest fibers on the market: Vicuña, Alpaca, silk, wool, pima cotton, linen, and others.
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Our home décor offers warm products for different seasons of the year. Alpaca fibre allows us to achieve a soft texture to the touch, making these products the favourites of national and international markets. Blankets, throws, cushions and rugs are available in a wide range of natural and dyed colours, each characterized by their softness and fine finish.
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Our scarves, stoles and shawls are made of fine, natural fibers, such as Royal Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Vicuña, Silk and other blends. Our unique know-how allows the production of a versatile range of accessories from extremely light to warm and cozy, always with an exceptional and soft touch.
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We are experts in the design and creation of clothing based on the best alpaca, suri alpaca, vicuna and special blends fabrics in the world. Elegant blazers, jackets, ponchos, capes and coats, made for men and women. We are specialist in the creation of double-sided fabrics in alpaca with impeccable manual finish and contour.
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Vicuna is the finest animal fiber in the world with an average diameter of 12-13 microns. Every two years, it produces 250 grams of incomparable soft and light wool. We have specialized machinery to work with such a noble fiber, so we have more than 20 years in the management and treatment of it. Every product is unique and has its own traceable number.
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Product Development

Unlike other textile manufacturing companies we develop annual collections thanks to the fact that in addition to having a technical support team we also have a design area.
Block of fabrics of different colors recycled by incalpaca with its re/up cycle process


In a context where fashion is becoming more synthetic and disposable, it is vital to find ways to reuse natural fibers to create a conscious, circular, and sustainable fashion...
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Vicuna revolution campaign. Incalpaca's woman model wearing an alpaca dark green scarf, a pink coat, and a brown dress

Vicuna Revolution

Incalpaca has been processing with special care vicuna fiber, for it is the finest and most exquisite. We have decided to go further with new developments such as..
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Incalpaca's business is guided by an integral culture of sustainability. Our alpaca and vicuna garments are manufactured preventing and minimizing environmental impacts and occupational hazards. We are concerned about the well-being of our employees and the community that participates in the value chain.
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We are a textile company focused on the development of high-quality alpaca products.

Our luxurious coats, woven fabrics, knitwear, blankets and scarves are manufactured for the most exclusive clients in the world.

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