The world’s first alpaca garments factory to obtain RAS certification

The world’s first alpaca garments factory to obtain RAS certification

A month ago, our Pacomarca farm and our most important ally, Rural Alianza EPS, were certified with the  RAS (Responsible Alpaca Standard). With this recognition, we set a precedent by guaranteeing  responsible, sustainable textile work that respects the welfare of alpacas in Peru.

At INCALPACA and the entire Grupo Inca, we honor our commitment to nature: the source of many riches  and the main supplier of the raw materials we work with. In particular the alpacas, which are animals with  a reduced population and, at the same time, a Peruvian symbol for being one of the main means of income  for high Andean families, which is the reason why we must preserve them.




The textile companies of Grupo Inca have always been committed to adding value to alpaca fiber, as well  as to promoting projects for animal care and improving the living conditions and income of alpaca farmers.  We believe that in order to develop a fair bussines, we must not only focus on achieving a quality final  product, but we must also promote sustainable and respectful relationships with the environment and our  collaborators. For this reason, Pacomarca has become a pioneer in terms of animal care and improving  breeding conditions, with INCALPACA passing its audit at the end of May and obtaining its certification in  July.  

Owning the RAS certification is an important milestone for us, as it is a tangible way of demonstrating all the  efforts we have made throughout our history. In order to obtain this, it has been necessary to certify each  of the steps in our production chain through Control Union ; from the acquisition of our raw materials to the  trained salespeople who interact with our customers on a daily basis. 

Now with the endorsement of the RAS we can proudly market our textile products ensuring the welfare of  the alpacas and their breeders.

On this achievement, a ceremony was held at the Pacomarca research station, where senior executives of  the Grupo Inca presented the Rural Alianza EPS Steering Committee with the RAS international  certification, obtained by both institutions as a group.This increases optimism about the vision of continuing  to develop the textile market in a responsible and sustainable manner, which will open the way to a new  stage of joint research and production. 

Likewise, through Pacomarca we want to advise and help other producers so that they can obtain  certification. This is because INCALPACA and the Grupo Inca are aware of the need for a global effort to  preserve our biodiversity, and we are willing to share our experience to continue encourage a positive  change in the standards of alpaca commercialization and breeding.


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