Incalpaca: Arequipa factory travels the world to promote the benefits of alpaca fiber

Incalpaca: Arequipa factory travels the world to promote the benefits of alpaca fiber

Incalpaca, together with their digital marketing partner Analytic, publicized the impactful presence that the brand has had at different fairs around the world, communicating the quality and benefits of this fiber as alpaca ambassadors.

With the opening of markets and fewer travel restrictions this year, Incalpaca decided to bet on a greater presence at international fairs, fulfilling the objective of promoting products made with this wonderful fiber and its benefits.


Alpaca ambassadors

The international tour began in July with the launch of their FW 23|24 fabric collection at Premiere Vision Paris, one of the leading fairs in the textile industry, where the factory from Arequipa participated with a collection focused on natural colors and deadstock fabrics. They also launched Vicuña Revolution, a collection of vicuña clothing that’s never been worked with before, with pastel colors, different structures, and jacquard designs.

In the same month, they were present at Pure London, the first time participating in a fair in the United Kingdom, a market that’s very focused on sustainable clothing. There was a great reception as many businesses are looking to move to natural fibers.

“This year we have decided to increase our participation at textile fairs in the main markets of the fashion industry. These trips represent 20% of our annual exports and allow us to resume contact with our customers, as well as explore new markets in an effort to promote the benefits of alpaca fiber and products,” said Juan Pablo Rivera, Incalpaca TPX Commercial Manager.


During the month of August, Incalpaca launched its new Stock Service collection at Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas, a “best sellers ready to ship” program through which they seek to reach smaller businesses and promote the use of alpaca fiber. Finally, they closed their commercial tour at Munich Fabric Start, a fabric fair held in Germany.

INCALPACA is an ambassador company of Peruvian textiles, always proud to continue bringing first class alpaca products to leading markets in the fashion industry.

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