The most luxurious duvets ever made

The most luxurious duvets ever made

With the world now concerned about the environment and sustainability more than ever, it is our duty to promote natural fibers, such as alpaca.

We are facing the effects of climate change and the need to save energy, and the price of gas has increased. Alpaca fiber is an excellent insulator and  is also highly flame-resistant, which makes the fiber optimal for home products.

We have expanded our portfolio with duvet inserts, toppers, quilts, and other bedding complements. All of our bedding accessories can be customized in design, size, composition, and weight.



To complete our luxury line of bedding products, we have an alpaca mattress topper, made with alpaca fiber and organic cotton. The combination of our comforters, toppers and other bedding accessories will give you a natural and comfortable combination.


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