“Developing Talent” Trainee Program

“Developing Talent” Trainee Program

At Incalpaca, we know that our future success depends on finding a balance between our legacy and the contributions of new generations. 

With this in mind, we have created the “Develop your talent” program to promote the growth of people who are in the final stage of their studies or have completed them, and to give them the option of developing their skills by acquiring new knowledge and putting into practice our institutional values. 

Our approach includes two tracks:

1. Practitioner Program: 

At INCALPACA, the search for talent has also been reflected in the push for a program that takes advantage of the professional skills of new generations in a modern and challenging work environment.


2. Technical Training Program: 

Without taking away from our social responsibilities, we have a program designed for people with basic education for the elderly (CEBA) to train them in the textile industry. After the program, we will evaluate our interns, offering them the possibility of joining our work exchange. 

With both programs, we want to continue to foster talent at the regional level and to support generating income for new families. In 2022, we hope to have the participation of 40 interns and 60 technical trainees.

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