The “new” winter is coming…is your wardrobe ready?

The “new” winter is coming…is your wardrobe ready?

Multiuse Scarves and Shawls, ready for the new normal.

The new normal leads to changes in our lifestyle. We spend more time at home and more companies have made homeoffice time a policy. This makes us want to feel more comfortable when at home and to be prepared to face constantchanges.

Our clothing reflects our living, that is why for the season of FW 21-22 we have developed alpaca luxury scarves,and shawls, which adapt to different rhythms of life. Garments that are multiuse; you can use them at homeor for a walk in the rain; as ready for change as you are.

 Multiuse Scarves and Shawls

It has practical and adaptable designs … is it a shawl or a cape? It is both and you can use them as the dayprogresses and your needs change.

This year, we have an interesting proposition with fabrics. We have alpaca fabrics that are rainproof, andmachine washable.

This winter, you can wear luxury clothes that adapt to you. Don’t miss the opportunity to have these productsamong your offerings. If you want to know more about our products visit

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