The first Alpaca fabrics free of wool


As a vertically integrated company based in Peru, we are renowned as experts in alpaca fibre. We have specialized artisans, as well as a great technical and design team. With them, we will develop tailor-made products for your company.

Suri Alpaca

The essence of our upcoming Fabric Collection is an exceptional, rare, and versatile fibre: Suri Alpaca. This exclusive variety of alpaca provides a lustrous, durable, and highly adaptable material.

Suri Alpaca and our unique expertise allow us to present fabrics that simulate the effects of other raw materials that are sourced using unethical or environmentally harmful methods. In our hands, Suri Alpaca is an unlikely ally for different species from all over the world. Many of our fabrics are a sustainable substitute for leather taken from the Siberian Fox, beaver, and sheep.


The adaptability of Suri Alpaca has led us to design the first ever alpaca fabric free of wool and synthetic materials. Our Baby Suri Velour fabric combines the finest Suri Alpaca with silk to create a luminous, unique, and exclusive material.


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