Re/UP Cycle by Incalpaca

Re/UP Cycle by Incalpaca

In a context where fashion is becoming more synthetic and disposable, it is vital to find ways to reuse natural fibers to create a conscious, circular, and sustainable fashion. At Incalpaca we have developed a highly specialized unit and system to create high-end, durable, and inimitable garments from leftovers, by-products, deadstock and waste. Taking advantage of alpaca fiber’s resilience and versatility.

We use scraps, textiles wastage, leftovers and deadstock’s that without any re-process will end up in the landfills. We mostly use alpaca and wool due cotton, and synthetics cannot be employed, producing around 120,000 kilograms of recycled and upcycled yarn per year.


We use selvedge from woven fabrics, deadstock yarn and swatches, and recycled polyester.


We use noils, extremely short fibers and scrap materials.

Through these two processes we create high-end, durable and sustainable garments, such as throws, fabrics, rugs and coats.

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