Feel free to jump into spring with alpaca clothing!

Discover our new lightweight Alpaca Collection – Mid Season 2022

Many people think that alpaca is only for cold climates, because alpaca is just for insolating against the cold, but in truth alpaca fibre is thermo-insulating; it regulates body temperature. However, if alpaca is mixed with cotton or bamboo fibre, clothing can be lighter, softer, and ideal for spring.

For our new collection, we have developed alpaca blends with organic cotton, bamboo, linen and silk. These are combinations of the finest fibres to offer beautiful lightweight shawls, and blankets, alpaca blend sweaters and light fabrics for jackets and dresses.

Spring gives us the opportunity to connect with nature, find peace and enjoy the warmth of the Sun. These feelings inspired our Pure concept, which encompasses our need to offer sustainable products connected with the care of our planet and the environment. The products in this concept are free of chemicals used for fibre dyeing and, therefore, significant water savings.

The colour palette is neutral where the ecru, beige, and light grey shades really stand out. The design is developed through simple lines that blend with a richness of woven textures.

The blossoming of flowers and the change of colours in nature fill us with energy and set out a new beginning; this is JOY’s inspiration, our second concept. Where we want to transmit the sensations of joy, positivity, a search for freedom; it is the expression of happiness.

There is a mixture of warm and bright colours such as golden yellow, fuchsia, and intense red, the reflection of summer sunset. Those blue-sky days, clear with the Sun shining, create the tones of intense blue and turquoise, all of which we have added to our colour palette.

We have worked with multi-design jacquard fabrics, as well as woven geometric structures that bring richness with a fun and eclectic result.

Many brands have opted for alpaca-blend products for their premium collection, some toward a trend such as the Sezane Jumper. Don’t let your brand come last. If you want to know more about our new collection you can leave your information, we will send you all our catalogues and  a price list specialized to your requirements.


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