Breathe and feel the finesse of our blended alpaca fabrics

Our Mid-Season collection has fused the elegance  of alpaca fibre with cotton, linen or bamboo, accompanied by careful finishing processes to provide quality seasonal fabrics.

Softness, lightweight and an excellent drape are the main features of this collection.

Our alpaca fabrics are used by the world’s leading brands for their renowned softness and shine. However, it is often considered to be exclusively for cold seasons.

This collection aims to highlight the spectacular warming properties of alpaca fibre, its microscopic air pockets allowed thermoregulation, letting its use for use not only for cold weather but also for spring and summer. In addition, we want these aspects to stand out, combining them with other fibres such as pima cotton, silk and linen.

A refined and careful weaving and finishing process allows us to offer sophisticated and excellent products, but also the feeling of well-being and comfort because of the lightness, softness, and fit of each creation.

Lightweight, colourful, fun designs and reversible items are the characteristics of our “Joy” concept. Besides from the characteristics of the fibres we use, they are the perfect alternative to make them the second skin of feminine and masculine beauty.

We have developed two concepts, Pure and Joy, in “Pure” we employed Baby Alpaca blends with silk, reminiscent of a free lifestyle and close contact with our essence in its natural colours.

Dare to add the elegance and magic of natural fibres to your offerings. If you’d like to get a personalized price list and advice from our sales assistants, feel free to leave your contact information.


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