The arrival of spring invites us to leave home

The arrival of spring invites us to leave home, take advantage of open spaces and enjoy much-needed freedom, particularly nowadays. With a changing climate, warm days with rain or some windy nights, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to choose the right thing to wear. A shawl is the ideal accessory for spring, since it can be used during cold and warm weather.

The Mid Season 2022 shawls collection is a pitch for light garments with an incomparable and above all sustainable touch.

With a nod to nature, we have the Pure concept. A concept that works only with fibres in their natural tones, thus avoiding water consumption through a dyeing process. Our primary fibre is alpaca, which has a palette of 22 natural colours which we have mixed with organic cotton, bamboo, linen and silk to get tones like ecru, grey and beige.

Also we have introduced garments with natural dye, which are organic pigments extracted from plants, insects and minerals. These dyes are ecologically-friendly because they do not contain petroleum-derived chemicals.

For colours from blue to violet, Indigo was used, which is perhaps the most-used natural dye and is extracted from a plant called Indigofera Tinctoria. In order to get reddish tones, an insect-parasite called cochineal that inhabits prickly pears and dragon fruit is used. They produce a dye widely admired by dry cleaners across the world. Yellows are obtained from Molle, sacred Peruvian tree that allows for dyeing cotton and wool. For greys, Tara is used from which you also find the tannins that are colour fixators for cotton and as an additive to darken other colours.

Spring invites us to celebrate life, joy and positive thinking and is the inspiration for our Joy concept, which uses a palette of bright colours such as indigo blue, orange, indigo, deep red and yellow.

We have worked a lot of visual richness into the designs. Multi-coloured accessories with textures, and jacquards with irregularly coloured stripes mixed with many other shapes.

Who says alpaca is just for winter? We hope that you’ll enjoy this collection, and that next season you’ll find it on display. If you’d like to have a personalized price list and suggestions for your collection, leave your contact information here.


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