In our new collection “Mid-season 2022”, we have developed blends of alpaca with organic cotton, bamboo, linen, and silk. These are combinations of the finest fibres to offer beautiful lightweight shawls, and blankets, alpaca blend sweaters and light and airy jackets and dresses.

Pure is our connection with the soul of nature, is our need to offer sustainable products line up with fashion trends.
No chemicals use.
Dye with natural colorants.
Palette: Ecru, beige, light grey, light yellow and rose.
Design: simple lines that blend with a richness of woven textures.

Joy is the expression of spring, colourful and full of positivity.
Palette: golden yellow, fuchsia, intense red, blue and turquoise.
Design: multi-design jacquard fabrics and woven geometric structures.


We have designed lightweight fabrics, on new Blends of  alpaca, organic cotton, linen, silk and bamboo.

Within our offer we have:  jacquards , herringbone and other patterns, on plain and reversible finishings.


We have designed lightweight and fresh accessories for spring.

The blend of alpaca and silk helps us to achieve lightweight and soft shawls.

For this collection we have used natural colored fibers , and natural dyes shuch as Cochinilla , Indigo, Tara and Molle.


On this collection we have used new blends of Alpaca , cotton , silk and bamboo ,

These blends provide a fresh and soft comfort with bright and happy colors for your home.


Lightweight and fresh knitted sweaters, cardigans and dresses made with alpaca and cotton.