We were born with a heritage that comes from the origins of industrial modernity, and simultaneously evokes ancient traditions of the people who wore fine threads gifted by the gods. After 20 years of experience in yarn production and foreign trade activities, GRUPO INCA decided to develop Alpaca fabrics and knitted garments in general, activities that in 1996 gave birth to INCALPACA TPX SA.



We wove our growth looking forward, supported by technology and by mastering current trends, but always keeping a foot in the past so as to keep in mind the true essence and tradition of a millenary textile people.
Thread after thread we forged our way towards the most demanding international markets , successfully managing to position our five production lines : Fabrics, Knitwear, Accessories, Outerwear and Home within the national and international markets, under the names of prestigious fashion designers, and especially our following brands: TUMI, CONDOR and the KUNA stores



We are a team of human beings, sharing one goal: to dress the world. With this end in view, we apply all our experience, creativity and genuine effort to transform the noble fibres of the Andes and other parts of the world into beauty, comfort and warmth – always seeking to achieve more than is expected of us. This is all done within our philosophical framework of social responsibility and respect for the environment.



Using the most noble of animal fibers such as Alpaca and Vicuña, we at Incalpaca propose collections every year for the different seasons, within which we have developed concepts reflecting fashion trends: Natural, where we take advantage of the diversity of natural colors of the Alpaca fiber; Classic, which seeks to give effect to the industry’s most used designs; Ethnic, which reflects the roots of our culture; and Trends, perhaps the most daring proposal of our collections.