Why Alpaca

The alpaca is a noble and generous animal, it is legendary and sensitive; and, in Peru, it is also a national symbol that dates back to 5000 B.C. Currently, 80% of the world population of this camelid is found in the Andes of Peru, where over four million of alpacas live. Each one of these alpacas represents the work and progress of thousands of Peruvians who live far away from modern life. For them, breeding alpacas means preserving a remnant of ancient history. For us, it is keeping history alive and making it every day our reason for being.

But our fascination for the alpaca was born not only because of its evident beauty or the history behind it, nor for its magical and unique fiber, renowned through the whole world. For us, the world of the alpaca is full of lessons that we have decided to apply in everything we do; lessons that inspired the creation of Why Alpaca.

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Pacomarca is a kind of laboratory, but above all, it is a space where you can breathe the legacy of what we have learned from the alpaca. It is also a space where we pay homage to this animal, seeking to improve its quality, and the income it can represent for small high-Andean breeders.

For over 20 years, and at an altitude of over 4000 m.a.s.l., Pacomarca has been the home of more than two thousand alpacas, selected and valued as part of an advanced genetic improvement program. We collect data and improve the fiber so it can reach its utmost quality. After much effort involved, today, Pacomarca has the largest and most comprehensive database of alpacas in the world.

Pacomarca has different projects such as:

  • Genetic Improvement Program
  • Inca Esquila
  • El Quintal del Inca
  • La Cabaña del Pastor
  • Yanapaco

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We monitor the environmental management. These parameters are certified by the Ministry of Production in Peru, which state the following:


Concentration of oil and grease.Concentrations of aluminum, arsenic, boron, chromium, copper, manganese, lead and zinc.

pH level Adequate
Concentration of oil and grease Adequate
Concentrations of aluminum, arsenic, boron, chromium, copper, manganese, lead and zinc. Under the minimum level

Concentrations of cadmium,

mercury and nickel.



The production of nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions from the evaluated boilers does not cause a negative impact


Concentrations of carbon monoxide

Under the minimum level

Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide. Under the minimum level
Concentrations of sulfur dioxide. Under the minimum level

Concentrations of arsenic.

Under the minimum level

Concentrations of lead

Under the minimum level


The average values of equivalent sound pressure (environmental noise) are below the National Standard of Environmental Quality for Noise, established by the Ministry of the Environment.

We are an entrepreneurial groupwith more than 1,300 workers. 62% are women (approximately 830) and 38% men (approximately 500). Our staff, in addition to its labor benefits established by law, also benefits from additional programs and support. These include:


Death Aid Fund

Provides financial aid after the death of a family member.

Health System

We provide free medical and psychological services within the company for workers and family members

Legal Counseling and Advice

We provide support for labor, criminal, civil and family law consultations.

Service Cooperative “La Familia” (The Family

Sales area that provides essential products on credit for workers.

Student Grants Program for workers and their families

We encourage the personal growth of the children of workers who have shown outstanding achievements in their educational centers.

Sport Championships

We promote the practice of sports internally through the “Copa Incalpaca.” In addition, we participate in external matches.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party for Low-Income Children.